Secondary Storage Stage

Secondary Sorting Stage

This photo shows the two bays which hold the mixed light waste (which has had all the recyclable material removed) and the mixed heavy waste (mainly consisting of mixed hard fill).

The mixed light waste is then loaded into semi trailers and taken to a landfill.

The mixed heavy material is put through the Trommell. Taken from the German word for drum, the Trommel is a cylinder-shaped machine provided with holes for which the materials funnel through. We use this to sort the materials by size.

As the Trommell spins, the soil and small rocks fall through the holes and make their way via a conveyor belt to a secondary trommell with 9 ½ mm holes which gives a product that is perfect for turf underlay or back filling.

These screened fines are tested by a laboratory weekly to comply with current regulations.
You can pick up the material for free at our depot.

The larger rocks, concrete, tiles, rubbish etc come out at the end of the Trommell. The remaining material in the mix then arrives via a conveyor belt through to the picking station where the technicians sort through it.

Finally, the clean products (brick, tile, concrete, rock and cement) fall off the conveyor into the far storage bay, and are then transported to other yards where they are crushed to make aggregate for roads or concrete manufacture.

“It’s as simple as that! The waste is disposed, leaving the client, our team and Mother Nature with peace of mind.”